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Dinner made simple.
Running out of ideas for dinner and find yourself defaulting to the drive-thru even though you know it’s not best?

Wanting to gather your family around the dinner table but need someone to take the thinking out of it?

Imagine... walking in the door after a long day, and knowing exactly what's for dinner.

Imagine... your family gathering around the dinner table and hearing them rave about how good it tastes.

Imagine... having your grocery list already created so that you don't forget anything, and can spend more time with your family.

Our Dinner, Simplified Meal Plan was made just for YOU.
This beautifully designed meal plan contains:

- 6 weeks worth of recipes using fresh, familiar ingredients. These are thoughtfully designed recipes that require very little hands-on time. That's 5 recipes per week, leaving you the freedom to include dining out or family favorites as well. 

- Complete, organized shopping lists for each week to save you time and make grocery shopping a breeze. 

- "Thinking Ahead" notes each week to help you streamline the dinner process even more so meal time is truly quick and easy. 

- Turn "leftovers" into "rollovers" so that you have nights off and nothing is wasted. For example, you'll love our Catalina Chicken rolled into family-friendly BBQ Chicken Roll-Ups! We've figured out what to double, and when, so you can spend more time with your family and less time in the kitchen.

Your All-in-One Meal Planning Guide
Our Best Cozy Recipes
From delicious soups and hot sandwiches to-no fuss sheet pan meals, we've rounded up our personal favorite dinner recipes using a variety of hands-off cooking methods. We include options for slow cookers, Instant Pots, quick skillet meals, and more. This incredible resource includes some ultimate fan-favorites from over the years, but also plenty of never-before-seen recipes!
Complete Shopping Lists
We simplify family dinner from beginning to end by including full shopping lists for each week. We focus on fresh, easy ingredients that are readily available at any grocery store, and that won't break the bank. Perfect for on-line grocery orders, or easily printable and a snap to customize to your own needs.  You'll love these -- print it out, highlight what you need, and go! 
Make-Ahead Tips & Tricks
We put painstaking care into organizing this meal plan -- we detail everything from utilizing "rollover" ingredients, to creating "Thinking Ahead" planning sheets for each week. We break down every week into actionable, optional make-ahead steps, so you can minimize your time in the kitchen and maximize your time with your family!
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You have questions. We have answers!
  • What kind of recipes are included in the plan? On the meal plan, you'll find recipes like Sheet Pan Mini Meatloaves, Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup, Sweet & Sour Meatballs, One Pot Spaghetti, BBQ Chicken Roll-Ups, Beef & Cheese Crunch Wraps, Food Truck Hot Dogs, Thai Peanut Noodles, Easy Pressure Cooker Tomato Soup, Sheet Pan BBQ Chicken Drumsticks, French Bread Pizza, Kielbasa Black Bean Skillet, and tons more. 30 delicious recipes total, PLUS, if you get the hard copy version, it includes two year's worth of weekly meal plans. You are honestly set for life!
  • Are all of the recipes brand new, never-before-seen to loyal Our Best Bites followers? Fans who have been following us for a long time may recognize a few fan favorites from over the years -- they were too good to be left out! However, there are plenty of new recipes making their debut.
  • What about dietary restrictions and processed foods? We understand a lot of families have allergies or other sensitivities. We've heard from a lot of gluten-free parents that said they were easily able to work with the recipe to make it work for their family. The recipes are also low on processed foods. There are 3 recipes that call for slightly more processed ingredients: jarred chili sauce, grape jelly, apricot preserves, Catalina salad dressing, and dry onion soup mix. That's as processed as it gets! If you have other questions about a specific restriction or dietary need, just reach out to, and we'll see how we can help.
  • ​Is this a digital meal plan, or hard copy? Digital. Once in a while, we do offer a hard copy printed version when we have enough interest. To get on our wait list, please click here
  • ​Will this increase my weekly grocery budget? We have found an actual decrease in our grocery bill -- especially when combined with utilizing the protein leftover to roll into another meal! We've heard from many of our customers who have reported the same thing.
  • Who can I contact if I have further questions? Please email Cat, our Project Manager, at
What Our Customers Say
about Dinner, Simplified:
"...this meal plan will definitely help keep our grocery budget low."
Now that my kids are back in school, life is busy! This meal plan is the perfect solution for wanting delicious, home-cooked meals without having to spend hours in the kitchen! The meals are thoughtfully planned and I love the weekly grocery list. Talk about making my life easier! I'm very conscientious about budgeting and this meal plan will definitely help keep our grocery budget low. 

The whole family loved the Pepperoncini Beef Sandwiches and my kids are already begging me to make it again! I'm a sucker for a good slow cooker recipe and this exceeded all of my expectations! 
- Megan G.
"...these recipes are based on whole foods with a lot of fresh, healthy ingredients."
Fall always throws me! After a fun full summer, it always is hard to get back in the swing of our busy schedule! Between football, basketball, piano lessons, and all the holidays it just is hard to keep it all straight. We believe in family dinner and all love a good meal but we mostly want plenty of time to PLAY! This meal plan is a lifesaver! Every recipe I've tried is so delicious! I'm wondering if we can eat the Easy Thai Soup every night? If we switch off with the Sheet Pan Fajitas I'd be happy! 

I juggle many severe food allergies in my house, so I was worried that I couldn't adapt it to my family and our needs. I'm so glad I took the plunge in the fall plan. I found most of the recipes easy to adapt to our gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free needs. I also love that these recipes are based on whole foods with a lot of fresh, healthy ingredients. 

I LOVE all of the tips at the end of the recipes! I appreciate that there are so many tips for items that can be done ahead. It seems that 2 hours before dinner is our GO time. Anything I can do before saves me!
- Kira P.
"...the Thinking Ahead sheet is the stuff my meal planning dreams are made of!"
This Dinner, Simplified meal plan truly does make meal time so simple! The Thinking Ahead sheet is the stuff my meal planning dreams are made of! With a quick glance I know what to pull out of the freezer to defrost the night before and what things I can prep earlier in the day so that I am able to get dinner on the table quickly at the end of a busy day. That, combined with the weekly grocery list, makes this meal plan so easy and doable.

These meals are simple and delicious. The variety of foods and flavors will keep us from being bored at dinnertime but are also great for even my picky eaters. The weekly grocery lists and Thinking Ahead sheets make this meal plan a no brainer which is great when I have so many other things keeping my mind busy! So grateful for a yummy, simple meal plan to keep my family fed and happy!
- Becca T.
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