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make better eating easier for the whole family with our highly-rated 6 week meal plan!
A 6-Week Plan Towards Better Eating for you & your family
For us, a huge challenge behind developing healthy eating habits has been getting the family on board. So, we've really focused in the last few years to create healthier, family-friendly recipes that the kids like too...and we've had huge success! We decided it was high-time we put together some of our healthy family-friendly favorites into one fantastic place, just for you! Here's what our 6 Week Fit & Fast Meal Planning pack includes:

- 6 lighter dinner recipes per week for 6 weeks (so that's 36 dinner recipes total) PLUS a side (or side idea) for every single one!
- Full, easy-to-customize grocery lists for the each week, plus a list of staples to double check you have in stock before starting your week.
- A quick (or make-ahead) weekday breakfast recipe, as well as a big, filling weekend breakfast recipe for each week.
- A family night treat recipe for each week -- fantastic dips, quick treats, and more!
- A light dessert for each week -- you'll love our low calorie Chocolate Shortcakes!
- BONUS: The fun doesn't stop with just the plans, either! We've included a ton of other great extras too, like 100+ Healthy Grocery Store Must-Haves, 40 Nutritious, Delicious, Easy-to-Make Snacks, School Lunches Simplified, and more!

Our families have loved these meals (even our pickiest eaters!), and we are totally confident yours will too!
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Done-For-You Recipes
Not only do we include nutritional information, but we also include "Thinking Ahead" tips for almost every recipe -- which includes things like parts of the recipe that can be done ahead of time, ingredients you can double and use up again later in the week, or even storage tips. We have been making these recipes ourselves for years and years, and they are still some of our favorites!
Full Grocery Lists
We included easy-to-print grocery lists for each week of our 6 Week Fit & Fast Meal Plan. We've listed everything you need -- not just things like fresh produce, meat selections, and more -- but we've also included a list of staples you'll need on hand, just to make sure you don't miss a beat. All you have to do is print it off, take it to the store, and you are set for the week!
Tons of Extras
The fun doesn't stop with just the delicious weekly meal plans and grocery lists, either! We've included a ton of other great extras too, like 100+ Healthy Grocery Store Must-Haves, 40 Nutritious, Delicious, Easy-to-Make Snacks, School Lunches Simplified, and tons more! They are such a valuable resource to have at your disposal, you will just love these!
  What People Are Saying:
"There is so much variety!"
I looooove the Fit & Fast Meal Plan. The girls at OBB have knocked it out of the park AGAIN. All of the recipes are absolutely delicious and there is so much variety from week to week. I feel like we eat our way around the world -- Latin one night, Italian the next! My kids have loved every single recipe, too...and that's probably the highest compliment I can give!
Alexa  - Salt Lake City, UT
"...this is a total game changer."
I started eating from this meal plan three weeks ago, and I am down 6 pounds! This is a total game changer. I used to think everything had to pretty much be either lettuce or egg whites to help my shed my excess pounds, and I was unhappy. I felt restrained. These recipes are low in calorie but HIGH in flavor, and I'm so happy with the everything I eat! Now I enjoy such a wide variety of incredible food, and I am still losing weight. I know it's not an "official" weight loss plan, but the balance between healthy eating and real eating is just right, and very sustainable long term, which was important to me. Couldn't recommend this plan more!
Samantha - Houston, TX
"The recipes cannot be beaten."
I LOVE the grocery lists. I love seeing what each and every ingredient is being used for, so I can easily eliminate what I don't need based on my schedule for that week. The recipes cannot be beaten, either. My family is always happy with the meals...we have yet to try one we don't like! The "Thinking Ahead" notes are very useful in helping me to simplify things or work ahead, too. I feel like I learn so much from just the tips, let alone the recipes! Simply put, this plan is some of the best money I've spent on myself and my family.
Monica - Tampa, FL
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