Freezer Meals taking too much time and feeling mushy, boring, and meh?

Follow our streamlined process to make 10 amazing freezer meals in a single afternoon!

Here's what you get in our Freezer Meal Guide:

- A step-by-step guide we call "The Walkthrough" to conveniently create 10 freezer meals in one afternoon. 

Carefully designed meals to make the most of your groceries and your budget.

- A full grocery list, to make the process quick and efficient along with printable labels that include cooking, serving, and side-dish information.

IN ADDITION you'll also receive:

- Our BEST recipes for "Eat Some, Freeze Some" dinners, so you can build your own reservoir of freezer meals one at a time, on your own schedule.

- Fantastic tips on batch cooking proteins, then freezing for later when you need a meal in a snap. Meal ideas included, too!

- Master list of ingredients that can be frozen (did you know that you can freeze lemons?!)

- Delicious recipes for favorite freezer breakfasts, desserts, sauces, quick breads, marinades and more!
Everything You Need to Know about Freezer Cooking the right way.

Let's take a minute to answer a few questions you may have.

What is "The Walkthrough"?

Our detailed, efficient method to put together 10 recipes in a single afternoon.

"The Walkthrough" is a laid out process to make assembling 10 meals at once easy. Think of it as one long recipe, rather than 10 individual ones. For example, we will tell you to dice an onion -- but then have you split that onion in half, and show you how to use it for two different meals. This way, both your effort and ingredients are maximized. Nothing goes to waste in The Walkthrough...including your precious time! Of course, a full grocery list is included for The Walkthrough recipes and each meal was carefully designed to make use of every ingredient.
What types of meals and cooking methods does The Walkthrough include?
Although most of the recipes can be cooked a variety of ways, we specifically designed each with a preferred  method in mind, including oven baked, slow cooker and stove-top.  Additionally, we were careful to highlight a wide variety of flavors into The Walkthrough recipes and several include flexible serving options to suit your family's needs. For example, try the Easy Asian Beef in lettuce wraps, or over rice or ramen. You might like our Honey Chipotle Pork on a sandwich, or alternately over a sweet potato or flatbread. 

 The 10 Walkthrough recipes include:

-Chicken Vegetable & Rice Soup
-Italian Sausage Bolognese
-Green Chile Chicken Bake 
-Honey Chipotle Pulled Pork 
-Taco Soup
-Southwest Shredded Beef 
-Easy Asian Beef
-Baked Chicken Taquitos 
-Rosemary Garlic Pork Tenderloin 
-Indian Style Chicken

Many of these recipes are brand new and specifically created for this plan. Recipe sizes vary slightly, but all are designed to feed a household of approximately 5-7.
So there are only 10 freezer meal recipes in this book?
Over 50, actually! In addition to The Walkthrough, you'll also get these great freezer recipes and tips. At almost 100 pages, it's so much more than a typical meal plan or cook book.
Eat Some, Freeze Some Dinner Recipes
Along with our stellar Walkthrough, we also provide recipes for our favorite "Eat Some, Freeze Some Dinners" -- dinner recipes that freeze well fully cooked, like these Beef Dip Sandwiches, so you can eat some and freeze the rest for another busy night! You can incorporate one recipe a week into your regular meal planning and slowly build up your reservoir of freezer meals that way. It's batch cooking -- made easy! 
Breakfasts, Desserts, & More
Freezer meals aren't just for dinner! We've also included our favorite recipes for freezer breakfasts, breads, desserts, sauces and more. We'll show you things like how to freeze cookie dough properly, and how to store a frosted cake in your freezer. You also can't miss our Chocolate Zucchini Bread, classic Pasta sauce, zesty freezer-friendly Pesto, or Banana Crumble Muffins! Make the most of your budget and time by utilizing make-ahead & freeze recipes.
Batch Cooking Protein Tips
A great way to utilize your freezer is to batch cook proteins, then freeze them for later use. We'll show you how to batch cook proteins properly, freeze, and how to put them into pastas, tacos, enchiladas, casseroles, and more! With our tips, you truly can get dinner on the table in 15 minutes (or less)!


Your purchase includes our Overnight Breakfast Guide!

This guide features our favorite make-ahead breakfasts. Combined with your Freezer Meal Guide, meal time just got a whole lot easier! It will be emailed to right to your inbox along with your purchase of The Freezer Meal Guide.

"...a fraction of the cost of other freezer meal services."

It’s finally here! Freezer meal options from my favorite bloggers. ♥️ These meals are high quality, use more meat and are a fraction of the cost of other freezer meal services. I’ve tried them all, the service where you assemble part of the meal yourself (just as much work), the one that delivers them straight to your door (way overpriced), I’ve even tried doing all the planning/prep etc myself, those are still in my freezer because they were disgusting 😆. The Our Best Bites process was easy to follow, had meals my family would actually eat, and each meal had so much protein! (Those other options are always so stingy on the chicken!) Kate and Sara are the best! I’ve come to trust every recipe they post, and this was no different! 
Erin R.,
- Utah

"If anyone can make freezer meals taste good, it's Our Best Bites."

I have done freezer meal classes that are fun and convenient, but are expensive, and honestly don’t taste good. We have even thrown out some of the meals because my family never liked them. I felt so much guilt over wasting so much money on them. But nobody ate them. So I’ve been skeptical about trying more freezer meals. When I saw that Kate and Sara had come up with freezer meals I knew I had to try them out. If anyone can make freezer meals taste good, it's Our Best Bites. So I gave it another try and I’m so happy with the results! They’re fantastic. My family has loved them. There’s such a feeling of satisfaction when you finish your meals and have a freezer full of dinners ready to go, and now I know they will actually get eaten and ENJOYED by the entire family. My kids favorites are the taquitos. My husband loved the Green Chili Bake. Anything creamy wins his heart.

The process was detailed, streamlined and easy to follow. And this is why I love Our Best Bites. After all these years, I always know I can trust their recipes to be easy, tasty and have real ingredients for normal everyday family dinners. They never let me down. And now I have some trusted freezer meals to add to my dinner recipe collection!
Tara G.,
- Utah

"With a detailed shopping list and instructions that walk you through the entire process, anyone could prepare these delicious meals for their family!"

A year ago my world was turned upside down when my youngest of three boys was not only born prematurely, but also had a brain injury that caused him to be deafblind, require a trach because he can't swallow, and be 100% tube fed. Needless to say, taking care of him is a full time job! Ever since he came home from the hospital, I have been trying to come up with ways to simplify my life. I knew meal planning would be key and this recipe book takes meal planning to the next level! I love that in an afternoon I can have delicious meals prepped and in the freezer for 10 days! Kate and Sara take all of the guesswork out of what is otherwise a daunting project. With a detailed shopping list and instructions that walk you through the entire process, anyone could prepare these delicious meals for their family! 
Diane D.,
- Oregon

"This is the first time I've made multiple freezer meals at the same time and not wanted to pull my hair out."

Winner winner!! Loved these recipes and LOVED the ease of instructions. This is the first time I've made multiple freezer meals at the same time and not wanted to pull my hair out. Clear instructions that have been streamlined for ease. From beginning to end, preparing these meals was a breeze and I know I'll be grateful later that these amazing dinners are waiting for us in our freezer. The Our Best Bites teamed nailed it with simplicity of instructions and favorite meals families will love! 
Cassie L.,
- Utah

"I totally recommend this cookbook to anyone wanting to get ahead, save time and money, and fill their freezer with delicious food!"

The freezer meal cookbook is a life-saver! As a mom of 6, I am always looking for ways to save time, money, and energy while still providing the best quality items for my family. This meal plan fit the bill! In just a few hours, I was able to knock out ten high quality, low cost, delicious meals for my family and took steps that will make busy school-day evenings SO much easier! The best part of it for me, was that by following their system, clean up was minimal. After preparing ten meals for my family of eight, I filled my dishwasher one time and hand-washed three pots and pans! How often is that the result in your kitchen after making ten meals? It was the BEST! I totally recommend this cookbook to anyone wanting to get ahead, save time and money, and fill their freezer with delicious food!
Jessica B.,
- Texas

"The succession of steps made sense and I didn't feel stressed or rushed."

THIS IS IT! The freezer meal prep guide we've all been looking for! I was so excited to find out that Kate and Sara were creating this guide because I knew with confidence that it would include only recipes that my family would enjoy (many of them we already know and love!). The shopping list, ingredient prep, and meal walk-through were clearly well thought out and easy to follow. The succession of steps made sense and I didn't feel stressed or rushed as I completed the freezer meal guide. As a busy mom of four young kids, I'm often burnt out by dinner time. Knowing that I have ten delicious meals in the freezer, ready to go when I need them, is such a relief. And the time spent preparing them in the kitchen was enjoyable; enough so that I honestly feel like I will be able to use this guide again and again to complete the freezer meal prep steps and keep dinner time easy during the busy days/weeks/years ahead. So happy to have this guide from OBB! 
Janelle L.,
- Utah
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