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 Holiday Menu Keepsake.
Your Ultimate Holiday Menu Collection
Our Best Holiday Recipes
We've combed our most well-loved family recipes for the holidays and have compiled them all in one place with this collection of stunning holiday menus featuring holiday meals for Thanksgiving, Christmas Morning, a Formal Christmas Dinner, a more Casual Christmas meal, and New Year's.
Complete Shopping Lists and Planning Guide
We've taken the headache out of weeding through holiday recipes and made your shopping lists for you. Our lists are divided by category, so you can shop as efficiently as possible, saving time and money! They are coordinated to reduce waste and remind you what kitchen staples you need to have on hand.
Keepsake Memory Pages
We put painstaking care into designing this little book, but we also hope you'll write all over it. Take notes. Make lists. Scribble down reminders. Fill out the journaling sections and paste photographs into the book so this can become a treasured family memory for years to come!
Holiday Menu
A Stress-Free Guide to Planning, Cooking, and Remembering the Holiday Season.
You will get a *Digital* version of our 71-page collection containing:

-Complete menus with beautiful, full-color photographs for Thanksgiving dinner, a formal Christmas meal, a fun  and casual Christmas meal (you can use one for Christmas Eve and another for Christmas Day), Christmas morning breakfast, and a festive, themed New Year's Eve celebration.

-Coordinating shopping lists for all the meals, removing the stress of figuring out what to shop for!

-A planning guide timeline to help you prepare ahead as much as possible to help keep your holidays festive and as stress-free as possible.

-Space for taking notes and making each meal your very own.

-A place to record memories and photographs so you can always remember each holiday celebration.


These were a massive hit and we have reached our printing capacity for the year. However, by popular demand, we are releasing  a digital download version for a short time, so you too, can enjoy the Holiday Menu Planner!

Click below to grab yours today for $27 and get it delivered to your inbox immediately!  You can use it digitally, print it off yourself and keep it in a binder, or even take the file to a local printer.
Keepsake Holiday Menu Collection
  • Full Menus for Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Christmas Morning, and New Years
  • Coordinating Grocery Lists
  • Plan Ahead Guide
  • ​FREE BONUS: Printable Guide for using yeast
  • ​FREE BONUS: Printable Holiday Placecards
Every holiday season, I found myself flipping through all the Our Best Bites cookbooks and recipe archives, but now all my favorite recipes are in one place! I've been wishing for something like this for years!
                                                                                 - Nicole, Oregon
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