is crazy.
Let's simplify.
Do you want more time with family this summer...and less time in the kitchen?

Summer weekly dinner planning is easy with our digital Summer, Simplified Meal Plan Package, delivered straight to your inbox.
  • 35 quick-and-easy summer recipes (20 minutes or less!) such as Cold Noodle Sesame Bowls, Pizza Waffles, Tortellini Pesto Salad, and Kosher Dogs with Tropical Slaw. You'll also love our BLTA Salad and Tropical Quesadillas!
  • Carefully planned leftovers and ingredients to ensure NOTHING goes to waste. We even tell you when to double certain ingredients so you can reserve them for later on in the week!
  • ​​All recipes are low-or-no heat featuring fresh, seasonal ingredients. This plan is also low on added sugar and processed ingredients.
  • ​Full grocery lists, so all you have to do is print, highlight what you need, and go!
  • ​Three fantastic bonuses: 50 Kids Recipes & Activities, 20 Outdoor Family Games, and our hit eBook, the Ultimate Grill Guide & BBQ Party Pack!
Get your digital copy now for just $34.99!

Free Bonuses
Along with the 7-week meal plan and full grocery lists for each week, you'll also get these amazing bonuses included free, straight to your inbox!
Free Bonus #1:
50 Kids Recipes & Activities
When we asked what the hardest part of your summers with your kids are, there were two answers across the board.

1. What to Eat, and 2. What to Do. We solved the "What to Eat" problem, and now we are solving the "What to DO" problem! 

You'll absolutely love this collection of quick and easy activities for kids that require minimal equipment, and we've also included some great kid-friendly recipes that get the kids in the kitchen right alongside you!

If you're looking to make fantastic memories with your kids this summer, THIS is the answer!
Free Bonus #2:
20 Outdoor Family Games
Get the kids away from the screens this summer and teach them the fun of the good ol' days!

Kids need movement more than we realize -- physical activity stimulates more blood vessels in the brain to support more brain cells.

Sounds good, right? Well great news -- we have you covered!

We've put together an eBook of 20 fantastic outdoor family games, perfect for all ages. You'll see fan-favorites like Kick the Can and Ghosts in the Graveyard, but you might learn some new ones too -- such as Birdie in the Cup and Ante-I-Over!  
Free Bonus #3:
Ultimate Grill
In addition to your full 7 week meal plan, grocery lists, 50 kids activities, and 20 outdoor games, we're also including our hit how-to 100+ page eBook bundle "The Ultimate Grill Guide"!

 If you've ever wanted to build the perfect burger, know how to grill tons of fun extras, or gain more confidence in front of the grill, this is your answer!

The eBook bundle also includes a gorgeous 30 page BBQ printable party pack with banners, games, and more!

It's everything you need for the perfect BBQ bash -- a $24.99 value, yours free! 

Let's hear what Sara, co-creator of the plan (and busy mom of 4 boys!) has to say...
Grab your 7 week Summer, Simplified Meal Plan Package
now for just $34.99!
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  What Our Customers Say:
" whole family has loved every meal!"
This meal plan was right up my alley for summer meals. Simple, fresh and minimal cooking!

Summers peak at over 100 degrees in my area and so anything that can help keep the heat in my house down in AMAZING.

I love that I can grill some meat and roll it over into other meals so I don't have to use heat every night! The shopping list makes it so convenient and easy!

Less time picking meals and less time in the grocery store means more time with my family doing what we love!
California, USA

"...these meal plans are perfect for the summer."
These meal plans are perfect for the summer when not only is it seventy-billion degrees outside but also for my six kids heading in six different directions!

These meals are simple enough that I was able to assign them to my teenagers while I played chauffeur. It was amazing to be able to come home to an already-prepared delicious meal.

The meatball subs were made by my 12 year old son! My 14 and 16 year old daughters begged me to assign them a meal. The only thing better than being able to delegate meal prep to my kids was the fact that it didn’t heat up my house!

We try really hard to keep the air conditioning costs low, and these meal plans will definitely help with that!
Massachusetts, USA
"...the meal plan took away the stress."
I made the Mediterranean Wraps and family devoured them.

The recipe came together quickly, especially because the ingredients are grocery cart staples that I typically have on hand.

Any summertime recipe that comes together with minimal cooking and effort is always going to be on high rotation, especially when it tastes amazing.

My time is at an all-time premium with four children ages 4, 2 and newborn twins so I found the meal plan took away the stress of meal planning and grocery shopping for my growing family.

It couldn’t get any easier.
Utah, USA

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